The Founding of Innoventures Canada

In 2003, members of some of Canada’s Provincial Research Organizations (PROs) met to discuss the opportunity for collaboration and developing a national representation of their work. This meeting between Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC), Alberta Research Council (ARC – now AITF), Industrial Technology Centre (ITC) of Manitoba, and Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Québec (CRIQ) would be the founding of Innoventures Canada.

In 2004, the National Research Council – representing the federal government – was involved to help plan and architect the forthcoming organization.

Mission and Direction

By 2006, Innoventures Canada was formally incorporated with the direction to:

  • Improve Canada’s performance in research
  • Represent provincial and regional members
  • Provide companies with an access point
  • Accelerate ideas into market-ready products

Growing and Leading

Starting in 2007, new members joined – and continue to join – Innoventures Canada and the mandate for which it stands.

In 2010, Innoventures Canada launched the annual Innovation School initiative, bringing together Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) and private companies to explore the challenges and opportunities of innovation in Canada.

Innoventures Canada represents a full network of RTOs, leading Canada’s applied research and technology development.