Message from the Chair

Alain Chandonnet

CEO, 2019

Throughout history, innovation, meaning original solutions that benefit users and are adopted on a grand scale, radically changed people’s daily lives and thrived the Canadian economy, notably by launching companies into overseas markets. To generate wealth, we must translate local knowledge into tangible innovations and value for businesses. This is precisely where Canadian RTOs play a pivotal role in the innovation chain.

RTOs use scientific and technological advancements to benefit the economy in the most cost-effective ways possible. More than ever, academic knowledge, concepts, and patents must, posthaste, translate into industrial solutions that generate value. Investing in a network of centres that specialize in industrial innovation and bridge the gap between academia and industry constitutes a strategic decision to boost the economy.

Together, let’s transform our Canadian know-how into innovative, beneficial solutions that markets can adopt, and that help companies realize their full potential. Together, let’s support our businesses and help them expand, boost their domestic manufacturing, excel in their markets, and export products around the globe.

Canadian RTOs are eager to help you solve technical issues and complex innovation tasks in many specialized fields. We know you have good ideas. Reach out to us, we are here to help you turn them into reality!

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Board of Directors

Innoventures Canada is led by a board of directors from our member organizations, with diverse representation in both fields and geography.