BioFoodTech | Have You Ever Thought of Starting a Food Business?

Food Xcel has been developed to help aspiring food entrepreneurs move their idea forward through a combination of progressive workshops, networking opportunities with food agencies, industry experts, and entrepreneurs and a chance to compete for a $25,000 Food Ignition seed capital award!

Food Xcel is an initiative of the Food Island Partnership (FIP) in association with many key partners, including BioFoodTech. As Canada’s Food Island, Prince Edward Island’s world-class food cluster is developing a reputation for high-quality raw ingredients, product development expertise and facilities, and a strong business environment for supporting food company growth.

FIP understands that every entrepreneur has different strengths so we have established a support team that can help you as you build your food business. If you have ever dreamed of starting a food business and you are committed to taking the next step, FIP welcomes you to sign up for Food Xcel. A small fee of $25 is required to register. For more information or questions please contact or by phone at 902-628-7998. The 4-day Workshop Series starts December 3, 2021. Don’t delay register here today!


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