BIO|FOOD|TECH to host artisan cheesemaking workshop

BioFoodTech will offer a two-day artisan cheesemaking workshop for budding artisan and industrial cheesemakers on February 25-26 in Charlottetown.

“This workshop will consist of classroom sessions reviewing the technology behind cheesemaking and hands-on learning in BioFoodTech’s pilot plant,” said BioFoodTech executive director Jim Smith. “Artisan cheesemaking allows small-scale dairy producers to create valuable and distinctive products. Many people involved in farming or food production may be interested in learning about this traditional skill.”

Participants will learn cheesemaking processes and quality control measures, review technical problems in cheesemaking, learn about lactic starter technology, and making Gouda and Feta cheeses.

The workshop will be taught by Margaret Peters, President of Glengarry Cheesemaking and Dairy Supply, Lancaster Ontario. Glengarry Cheesemaking has been in operation for 17 years as a supplier of ingredients, packaging materials, small-scale processing equipment, imported cheese moulds, and technical support services to hobbyist and commercial specialty and artisan style cheese makers in North America.

The artisan cheese that is produced at Glengarry has been awarded several national and international prizes, the latest being the Supreme Grand Champion Cheese at the 2013 Global Cheese Championship in Somerset, UK. This is the first time since 1854 that a cheese outside of the European continent has received this honour.
Registrations for the cheesemaking workshop are being accepted now. More information about the workshop is available on the BioFoodTech website,

About Glengarry Cheesemaking and Dairy Supply


BioFoodTech was established in 1987 to provide technical support to the food processing industry in Prince Edward Island. Since then, BioFoodTech has developed its infrastructure and has become Atlantic Canada’s most comprehensive provider of food science and technology.

In recent years, BioFoodTech has delivered a number of workshops on fruit dehydration, dried fruit packaging, cheesemaking and artisan distillation, in collaboration with several funding agencies and experts. These workshops are aimed at creating innovation by providing processing technologies to our regional processors and entrepreneurs.

BioFoodTech offers practical applied science to support food and bio companies through three integrated business divisions:

Food Technology: providing practical food science and technology expertise to food businesses and entrepreneurs. BioFoodTech maintains a food industry leadership role by adapting to changes in raw materials and processing technologies. Besides new product and process development, the Food Technology division also provides integrated services such as shelf-life studies, processing equipment rental, pilot plant rental, equipment assessments, and private product development workshops for clients.

Bioscience Technology: providing lab- and pilot plant-scale fermentation, extraction, isolation and purification services for bioactives used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food products and animal health. Our Bioscience Technology division helps minimize process optimization costs and will help bridge the gap between discoveries and full-scale commercialization.

Lab Services: providing accredited microbial analysis to support companies’ food safety systems, in-plant support and troubleshooting. Lab Services also delivers industry training workshops on food safety, and nutrition label service for both Canadian and United States labels.


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