Innovation School 2011

Modules and Presentations from the 2011 Innovation School


Algae Case Study
(Grant McVicar, Saskatchewan Research Council)

Bio | Food | Tech – From Concept to Market

Canada’s Innovative Performance: A Comparative Analysis
(Irene Makar)

Conceptual Framework of Program Design
(Ian Potter, NRC)

How do Research and Technology Organizations work?
Panel discussion

Enabling Innovation at the Saskatchewan Research Council
(Laurier Schramm, Saskatchewan Research Council)

INO’s approach to Innovation
(Pierre Galarneau, INO)

Innovation School Module 1: Innovation Overview

Program Design in Practice and structure.
Panel Discussion (Marie-Claude Côté, CRIQ)

A Program for Forest Products R&D and Sector Transformation
(Alan Potter, FP Innovations)

Working with Unconventional Oil Producers
(Rick Tofani, Alberta Innovates Technology Futures)


Reading Material

Dialogue on Innovation & Commercialization
(Alberta Research Council)

A different perspective: Canadian Innovation Strategies
(Marcel Côté, 2010)

How Program Management Differs From Project Management
(PMHut website, 2008)

The Impact Factor
(UCU Magazine, 2009)

Innovation and Business Strategy: Why Canada Falls Short
(Council of Canadian Academies, 2009)

Long Waves and the Industrial Process
(John McDougall, 1995)

Management Innovations for the Future of Innovation
(Ivey Business Journal, 2011)

Research and Development Impact Assessment for Innovation-Enabling Organizations,
Laurier L. Schramm, Wanda Nyirfa, Kenelm Grismer, John Kramers.
Accepted and in press for: Canadian Public Administration, Vol. 54, No. 4 (2011).

A Roadmap to Success: Charting the course for Canada’s knowledge based industries
(John Ruffolo, Deloitte & Touche, 2010)

Risk Taking and Effective R&D Management
(William F. Banholzer and Laura J. Vosejpka, The Dow Chemical Company, 2011)

State of the Nation 2008: Canada’s Science, Technology and Innovation System

Why Canadian Tech Companies are Disappearing: Canada’s Commerce Competence Gap
(The Impact Group, 2009)