Innovation School 2013

Modules and Presentations from the 2013 Innovation School


Guest Speaker Tom Jenkins (OpenText Corporation)


Module 1 — Innovation Overview

Module 1 — Conceptual Framework: Canada’s Innovation System
(John McDougall, NRC)

Module 1 — Bio│Food│Tech’s Approach to Innovation
(Jim Smith, BFT)

Module 1 — Research Productivity Corporation’s Approach to Innovation
(Eric Cook, RPC)

Module 1 — Research & Development Corporation’s Approach to Innovation
(Glenn Janes, RDC)

Module 1 — R&D Program Collaboration: Contaminated Sites Case Study
(Ian Wilson, SRC and Charles Greer, NRC)


Module 2 — Program Design

Module 2 — Conceptual Framework: Program Design
(Grant McVicar, I-CAN)

Module 2 – FPInnovations’s Approach to Program Design
(Hervé Deschênes, FPInnovations)

Module 2 – Bio│Food│Tech’s Approach to Program Design
(Jim Smith, BFT)

Module 2 – NRC’s Approach to Program Design
(Roman Szumski, NRC)

Module 2 – Program Design: A Case Study — “The Future of Microfabrication at INO: A Work in Progress”
(Pierre Glarneau, INO)

Guest Speaker Darrell Bricker
(Ipsos Public Affairs)


Module 3 —Outcomes and Impacts

Module 3 – Conceptual Framework: Outcomes and Impacts
(Brian Barge, The Evidence Network)

Module 3 – ITC’s Approach to Outcomes and Impacts
(Trevor Cornell, ITC)

Module 3 – RPC’s Approach to Outcomes and Impacts
(Eric Cook, RPC)

Module 3 – IRAP’s Approach to Outcomes and Impacts
(David Lisk, NRC-IRAP)

Module 3 – Outcomes and Impacts: SRC’s Impact Audit Process Case Study
(Laurier Schramm and Wanda Nyirfa, SRC)


Module 4 — Competitive Intelligence for RTO’s

Module 4 — Conceptual Framework: Strategic and Competitive Intelligence
(Craig Fleisher, Aurora WDC)

Module 4 – INO’s Approach to Competitive Intelligence
(Pierre Galarneau, INO)

Module 4 – FPInnovation’s Approach to Competitive Intelligence
(Hervé Deschênes, FPInnovations)

Module 4 – NRC Foresight’s Approach to Competitive Intelligence
(Evan Steeg, NRC)

Module 4 – Case Study: Development of a Competitive Intelligence Program at SRC
(Rostyk Hursky and Wanda Nyirfa, SRC)