Innovation School 2012

Modules and Presentations from the 2012 Innovation School


Guest Speaker Jeffrey Crelinsten
(The Impact Group)

Module 1

Module 1 – Conceptual Framework: Canada’s Innovation System
(John McDougall)

Module 1 – NRC/IRAP Approach to Innovation
(Bogdan Ciabanu)

Module 1 – FPInnovation’s Approach to Innovation
(Alan Potter)

Module 1 – ITC’s Approach to Innovation
(Trevor Cornell)

Module 1 – R&D Program Collaboration – Algae Case Study
(Marie-Claude Côté)

Module 2

Module 2 – Conceptual Framework Program Design
(Ian Potter)

Module 2 – BioFoodTech’s Approach to Program Design
(Jim Smith)

Module 2 – FPInnovation’s Approach to Program Design
(Alan Potter)

Module 2 – INO’s Approach to Program Design
(Pierre Galarneau)

Module 2 – Program Design: A Case Study of AITF’s MARIOS Industry Consortium
(John Wolodko)

Guest Speaker Roger Miller

Innovation Reinvented – six games that drive growth

Module 3

Module 3 – Conceptual Framework – Outcomes and Impacts
(Brian Barge)

Module 3 – AITF’s Approach to Outcomes and Impacts
(Lorenzo Pasutto)

Module 3 – RDC’s Approach to Outcomes and Impacts
(Krista Quinlan)

Module 3 – INO’s Approach to Outcomes and Impacts
(Pierre Galarneau)

Module 3 – SRC’s Impact Audit Process Case Study
(Laurier Schramm and Wanda Nyirfa)

Special Forum – Interactive Exercise
(Marie-Claude Côté)
Special Forum – Team A Results
Special Forum – Team B Results
Special Forum – Team C Results

Reading Material

Risk Taking and Effective R&D Management
(William F. Banholzer and Laura J. Vosejpka)

Managing Successful Programmes: A basic overview
(Rod Sowden, Aspire Europe Ltd)

How Program Management Differs from Project Management
(P.M. Hut)

The Pursuit of Courage, Judgement, and Luck – A Rogue Risk Management Rant
(Major Dan Ward and Major Chris Quaid, USAF)

Understanding the Disappearance of Early-stage and Start-up R&D Performing Firms
(Dr. H. Douglas Barber, Dr. Jeffrey Crelinsten – September 2011)

The Economic Contribution of Canada’s R&D Intensive Enterprises 1994-2001
(Dr. H. Douglas Barber, Dr. Jeffrey Crelinsten – March 2004)

Growing R&D-Intensive Firms in Canada Views of CEOs in the “Greenhouse”
(Dr. H. Douglas Barber, Dr. Jeffrey Crelinsten – March 2005)

Innovation Reinvented – Six Games that Drive Growth

Good Medicine or Snake Oil? Assessing the Impact of RTO’s
(Brian Barge PhD, Co-Founder and CEO – The Evidence Network)